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A Team Who Cares

Who is Cultivated? In one sentence, I’d say: We are creators who care.

The Cultivated team is primarily composed of two departments: development and design. While we each have our own roles and responsibilities within the product development process, we cross-over a lot, much to the betterment of your product.

What we create: We build apps that make mundane, timely tasks easier or non-existent. We craft databases that give you a new perspective on your business and ability to track metrics you didn’t even know could be measured. We design websites that put a spotlight on the value your company offers- with an extreme emphasis on usability. We make solutions for your business so you can do more with less.

Why we care: We are a small team who works closely together. We are passionate about what we do and about doing it well. We hire people who carry those same passions and put it into action. Care is woven into the fabric of our company’s identity- beginning with client interactions, maintained through the ways we work with one another, and proven through the work we put into the world.

Cultivated is built on care with a deep dedication to make the best solutions we can for our clients. We are thankful for every company and individual who has trusted us with their business’ growth, and look forward to all the projects coming up as we approach the end of this year and begin a new one.

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