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Cultivating Our Team

As we wrap up this year, Cultivated is busier than ever. We’re taking on bigger projects and more clients, which means our team needs to grow!

CTG has added on three awesome team members in the last few months. Here’s a brief introduction of our newest members:

  • Johnny - Development Intern

    • Johnny is a Fresno state senior majoring in Computer Science. When he’s not cracking down on code, he can be found listening to Pokemon tunes or watching MMA.

  • Leila - UX Designer

    • Leila is a recent Graphic Design graduate from Fresno State. She’s the office’s biggest tea drinker and nail polish enthusiast.

  • Jake - Developer

    • Jake is another Fresno State grad and a self-taught programmer. He’s a big sushi fan and an even bigger fan of his pithuahua, Grizzly.

We are excited to see our team and processes mature, and even more excited to see the resulting projects. Stay tuned on social media and our blog to see what’s coming next from the Cultivated team.

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