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Overview of Year

Wow, it has been an eventful year! Thank you to everyone who has been along for the journey. Like most businesses, there have certainly been some ups and downs, but overall this year was such a success. In June, we had an official name change to Cultivated Technology Group, CTG. Since then we have been non-stop growing and evolving our company into a team. We can confidently say this team is now a family- built on a culture of hard work and integrity… ready to make our clients’ projects come to life.

We specialized our industries

Education, Automotive, and Agriculture

We don’t limit our services to any one type of industry. We are up for any challenge and prepared to do the research necessary to understand all the nuances of your business- regardless of industry.

We built our mission statement

Our mission is to be a champion of software solutions for our clients and provide our employees with a work environment that cultivates growth and stewardship to do good in the community.

Year at a glance

Brought on many new clients as CTG.

Grew our team with 4 new employees.

Expanded our tech stack, allowing us to offer even more to our clients.

Became an affiliate of The Ag Center.

Became a Wix Partner.

Launched a new version of Course Catalog.

Held a community donation event for Toys for Tots, with 2 full boxes being collected.

Started an Internship Program with Fresno Universities.

As we head into the New Year we are excited to continue working with our clients and expanding our impact on technology in the Central Valley. Thank you for being a part of what we do!

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