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Why Cultivated?

Cultivated Technology Group creates custom websites and software. This means that we create our products customized to you and your company's needs. We genuinely want to work with you and help your business grow.

As a team we strive to encourage our clients to be innovative with their ideas to help them stand out from their competitors. We have clients come in that talk about the one-off case that happens every so often, but create big headaches. Those are the kind of things we uncover with you. This produces a program that works both for daily recurring tasks, and then also handles those one-off scenarios, making your life easier all around.

We value in person meetings. Connecting with our clients is one of our top priorities and as we do make phone calls and video calls for check-ins we much prefer in-person meetings. To get deeper conversations to get to the root of solving your company's needs and finding the clarity of what you need we have found in person meetings to be successful. On-site visits help us to first hand see the business and how it operates to its full extent so that we can fully immerse ourselves in your process and how to make it more efficient.

What sets us apart?

  • We want to help. We do our jobs because we can see how we positively affect people's daily lives and we love what we do

  • We value our clients and want to continue growing with each one as we look for long lasting partnerships

  • We are flexible and active listeners. We know every company has different needs. We seek to identify those needs with you and bring true solutions to the table.

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