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“As the 4th generation of a stone fruit farming family, it’s my responsibility to see the mission of ag in the Central Valley forward.

Technology has the ability to transform how farming is done. The ability to conserve & protect resources, and grow this desperately needed industry.

I know first-hand what tools our growers need, and my team is working to put that technology directly in their hands.”

JP | Owner of Cultivated Technology Group

Solutions for Agriculture
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Solutions for Education


At CTG, we love helping school districts grow.

We have built fun & interactive apps, encouraging children to push their academic abilities.

We have built data dashboards, allowing for transparency between districts and the community.

We have built digital catalogs, simplifying the course planning process for incoming high schoolers.

MEtoBE Student Success Web App

Walking students through their progress towards Grade Level Readiness and conveying why the assessments they take are important.

CTG Course Catalog

Access courses available in your district and make a 4-year plan based on your chosen CTE Pathway.

LCAP Explorer Dashboard

Make district metrics readily available to community members on any device, at any time.

Some of Our District Partners
Solutions for Automotive


CTG’s Director of Development, Jason, has over 10 years of experience working on software for the automotive industry.

This knowledge has allowed our team to build strong, maintainable, and effective websites for the incredible team over at Clawson Honda.

Jason | Director of Software Development

CCNCDA Logo Design

Bringing together the automotive aspect of this association and the agricultural prominence of the Central Valley.

Clawson Honda Truck Center Website

Keeping the Clawson Website styling consistent while tying in a more rugged feel fit for a truck center.

Legend Financial Services Logo Design

Communicating the professional, executive, and trustworthy nature of this automotive financial company.

Some of Our Automotive Industry Clients
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We don’t limit our services to any one type of industry. We are up for any challenge and prepared to do the research necessary to understand all the nuances of your business- regardless of industry.

Our team has worked with a wide variety of industries beyond ag, ed, and automotive...

Just Click Solar Website

Really making the solar purchasing process "that easy!" through the new Just Click Solar site.

Pappy's Recipe Maker Application

Digitally transforming and increasing the efficiency of the recipe making process for Pappy's Fine Foods.

The Oval Office Website

Modernizing and expanding The Oval Office's website presence, bringing their service's value to the forefront. 

The AGC Leads Tracker Application

Send & track leads, view company's services, and view lead stats on your Leads Dashboard.

DCB Farming Website

Mobile friendly website highlighting DCB Farming's farm management services.

Fresno Irrigation District Aqua DB

Organizing and simplifying data collection, eliminating the need for clunky, outdated software.

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