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Cultivated Technology Group's Values

Have you heard about our values?

Hard Work

We believe that company success starts at the individual level. We hire team members who perform to the very best of their ability, and are willing to put in their highest effort to grow individually and as a team.


We believe in conducting only honest, transparent, and ethical business practices. Integrity is exhibited in how our team members behave and communicate with one another and with clients.


We believe in a free work environment guided by our mission and values. Autonomy and freedom are a privilege granted to employees as they continue to meet their goals, job expectations, and deadlines.


We believe that regular collaboration throughout the organization is what will build a stronger team and keep us upholding our core fundamentals. It is held that we can accomplish much more together, then we could on our own.


We believe it is the people that make the company what it is. We invest in both the professional and personal development of our team members, and invest in the experience we create for the people using our products and services.


We believe that quality matters. This is evident in the type of team members that are a part of CTG, and evident in the type of work that is produced for our clients.

All of CTG embodies these values as we work together to create software that is meaningful. We strive to have full transparency and our core values help us to create an environment where we can offer that to our clients.

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